I. Agenda: Lay the framework for this year's garden in the context of the future

II. I.D. of permaculture "centers" or elements of the garden

    A. Garden Beds
    B. Compost
    C. Organic Matter
    D. Fencing
    E. Road Access (Garden Gate?)
    F. Tools
    G. Irrigation (water hose for now)
    H. Greenhouse (future)

III. Site Analysis

    A. Setbacks and large trees on the perimeter allow for lounging
    B. Space for compost and organic matter piles - outside the gate possibly but not the first thing you see
    C. Need to be close enough to water source (house?) to run a hose
    D. Will use present driveway for truck access
    E. Will use current shed if possible for tool storage (need to secure)
    F. Need for temporary fencing - will definately have to be moved when garden expands in the future
    G. Space has a center hight point and drops off slightly on all four sides.
    H. Desire to be out of the shade of large pine trees to the south along the driveway  

IV. Defining Space

    A. Decided on 50' square as a nice, easily designable space to start
    B. Square is set back 45' from fence around the house and 80' from the edge of the current driveway
    C. Discussed the possibility of "rounded" beds of a more rounded design.  April presented a map of one of Seattle's P-Patch gardens with plots arounds a central meeting space.
    D. Chris and Jay took soil sample

V. Immediate Needs/ TO DO LIST

    A.  Call Owasa to determine if water is run to the house - Jay
    B.  Draw design to present to Parks and Recs - Michael, Jay and ??? - they will possibly get professional consultation
    C.  Chris is sending in soil sample
    D.  Call to have utilities marked - NEED VOLUNTEER 
    E.  Find a tractor  - town? any other ideas?  NEED VOLUNTEER
    F.  Call Town Works to see if someone will deliver leaf mulch for us for free - NEED VOLUNTEER
    G.  Jay knows of great source for aged cow manure - he'll secure that but would like to offer compensation 
    H.  Talk to Michelle Rivest about getting funds ASAP (Jay will ammend specifics on wiki)- Sammy?
    I.  Schedule meeting with parks and recs when design is complete

VI. Post Michael's sketch on wiki - see main page

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