The Carrboro Greenspace is organizing Carrboro's second Urban Farm Tour. The eventy is scheduled for September 12, 2009.

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Urban Farm Tour:

  • An event engaging with places that have urban farming in Carrboro. Urban farming includes things like vegetable and herbal gardens, bee-keeping, chickens, larger scale water catchment, vermicomposting….
  • Highlighting these spaces will encourage cross-pollination between the spaces and will promote ‘urban farming’.
  • Types of participation during one day event.
    • Spaces as Open House/Garden
    • Spaces with skillshares
    • Spaces with food and/or drinks

d. Event Program and map (collaborate with CARRBORO FREE PRESS?) i. Schedule of skillshares, food and/or drinks ii. Map bringing to light the existence of ‘urban farms’ in Carrboro iii. 3 articles about issues relating to urban gardening. e. Celebration at end of day i. Where ii. What

Spaces participatingEdit



  • 200 E. Poplar (Garden, Chickens, vermicomposting, Bees, water catchment)
  • Chris Guidry House (Water Catchment, Chickens, Garden)
  • Coop House (Water Catchment, Chickens, Garden)
  • Bog (Water Catchment, Garden)
  • 201 Lindsay street (Garden, Water Catchment, Bees, Heirloom Tomatoes)

Not yet invitedEdit

  • Northside/rosemary family (Garden)

Community GardensEdit


  • OCPYC (Carrboro Elementary & MLK(Water Catchment, Garden)
  • CCGC (Water Catchment, Garden)

Other organizations participatingEdit

Not yet invitedEdit

  • Blue bikes – for getting around


Saturday, September 12


==Invitations== – Identify potential interested spaces and invite ===Applications=== – Have application online for anyone to apply


Document eventEdit

  • Photograph: manchaulk
  • Map: Rob Jones
  • Call out to Durham documentary film institute


  • Flyers
    • For event (Large Scale Poster)
    • More immediate for soliciting participants
  • Website – Update with information
  • Publicity in Publications
      • ‘Act Now’ Independent weekly
      • Carrboro Citizen
      • Herald Sun
      • Chapel Hill News
      • Carrboro Radio (Solar Guys)
      • WCHL garden Hour
      • Carrboro Free Press
        • Collaborate with articles and map?
      • Treehugger
      • Ecofoot print DONE
    • Banner at end of Estes
      • To be made on August 16ht day of movie showing.
  • Listserves
    • SURGE
    • Abundance foundation
    • FLOW
    • NC Powerdown
    • CCGC
    • Growing Small Farms
    • Carrboro Living Local Economies Task Force

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