Being a member of the Triangle Clean Cities Coalition (TCC) affirms your organization's commitment to improving our community's air quality, increasing energy security and stimulating the use of domestically produced alternative transportation fuels. Member support helps the coalition remain effective and sustain a high level of member service. Such services include vigilance in seeking out additional funding opportunities for members, policy leadership, legislative analysis and enhanced networking opportunities. To maintain these services, the Coalition relies on member support funds and active participation by members.

Working Group DescriptionsEdit

Fleets and InfrastructureEdit

Educate fleet operators regarding AFVs and the Clean Cities program; solicit commitments to be stakeholders and, if possible, commitments to purchase/conversion goals; assist fleets in the development of their AFV programs; explore ways to provide access to existing infrastructure and encourage development of new stations; monitor the development of new technology.

Education and Public OutreachEdit

Develop marketing and educational plans and materials; recruit stakeholders; develop public relations/media program.

Public Affairs and IncentivesEdit

Explore various means of creating incentives to increase the use of AFVs and the development of the necessary infrastructure. Support new and amended state legislation; explore various funding sources available for the purchase and conversion of vehicles and the development of refueling proposals.

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