The WITT Walk-In Tributary Theatre bagan in Carrboro's historic Sparrow's pool at 116 Old Pittsboro rd. This was the space of the Carrboro Greenspace. Since moving from 116 Old Pittsboro Rd., the Carrboro Greenspace and the WITT have been active throughout Carrboro town. The WITT is a non-profit theatre that generates revenues solely from donations. The WITT focuses on movies that relate to forces pressuring towards 'localizing'.

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Brainstorm of moviesEdit

Peak OilEdit


A Crude Awakening

Escape from Suburbia

The End of SuburbiaEdit

Community Solutions MovieEdit

Kilowatt HoursEdit

After the PeakEdit

Global WarmingEdit

Planet EarthEdit

The Inconvenient TruthEdit

Global EconomyEdit


Who Killed the Electric car

The Take

The Yes Men Fix the World

The Corporation

Enron: the Smartest Guys in the Room

Walmart: the High Cost of Low Price


Thank you for Smoking

Catch 22


Farenheit 911Edit

American BlackoutEdit

Favorite Son (Bush Movie)Edit

Bush's BrainEdit

The Revolution Will Not Be TelevisedEdit

Public SpaceEdit

Colombian movie on squattersEdit


The Battle of AlgiersEdit

The Panama deceptionEdit

The Fog of WarEdit

The Wind That Shakes The BarleyEdit

  • Dr. Strangelove
  • Hearts and Minds
  • Winter Soldier
  • catch 22
  • Why We fight (BBC Documentary from Blackwater person)
  • Land and Freedom
  • Private Warriors


Life & DebtEdit

Trinkets and BeadsEdit


  • Manufacturing Consent
  • Outfoxed

To be CategorizedEdit

  • Pick Axe
  • Sicko
  • Old Joy
  • Permaculture Movie
  • Burden of Dreams (Verno Herzog)
  • White Diamond
  • Two Havannas
  • Horns and Halos
  • Uncovered (Movie aout WMDs)
  • Etc. Seed Movie
  • Cata's Momvie on Communidades de Paz in Colombia
  • Iraq for Sale: the war profiteers
  • So goes the nation
  • Terrorizing Dissent
  • Born into Brothels

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