Nirvana is a realization, it’s an act of consciousness, it’s an effort for awareness. Nirvana is a movement, it’s a dream, it’s a hope.

Nirvana aspires for the upliftment of the unprivileged, providing them with a sense of direction and purpose and trying to help them grab the opportunities that come in their way.

Nirvana is basically a school started and run by students of SVNIT, Surat for children of people deprived of life’s basic joys. These children are imparted with the basic education which they cannot avail under normal circumstances so that they can live an independent life. We inculcate in them values & mannerisms. We teach them to distinguish between right and wrong, the good & the bad.

These children are the sons and the daughters of construction workers who are working at a number of construction sites at SVNIT college campus. The worker themselves (including the ladies) are busy with various activities throughout the day while these children spend most of their time playing and loitering around the campus. There have been occasions when they tried to peek through classroom windows, may be wishing that they could also be sitting on the benches learning new and fascinating things like we do.

This contrast made us realize how we had taken the fulfilment of each and every desire of ours for granted while neglecting the zillion opportunities that the basic education opens. We realized how lucky we are, to be born in an environment where everything we need is available at our doorstep. We also wondered how lucky they would feel if they had someone who would give them this opportunity.

How NIRVANA BeganEdit

Phase I - Batch of 2007Edit

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