Attendees: Michael, Jay, Sammy, April and ChrisEdit

Meeting with Carrboro Recreations and ParksEdit

  1. Sammy will type up a list of discussion topics and how we plan to address each one
    • Parking
    • Design plan
    • Vandalism
    • Fencing and Visual appeal
    • Water
    • Tool storage
  2. Jay will take photos of an existing fence that is similar to what we're planning on setting up to give them an idea of how it will look


  1. Questions to ask farmer
    • Types of tilling attachments that could be used
    • Time availability
  2. Options
    • Sammy will ask the farmer living at the end of Hillsborough Rd
    • If farmer mentioned above is not available then Michael will email Spence about using his tractor
    • If neither of those options work out then we could consider using the Hillsborough Rd Coop's tiller


  1. April will speak with Michelle Rivest regarding funding for the following
    • Hand tools
    • Fencing
    • Manure
    • Hose and nozzle
    • Rain barrel


  1. Jay and Michael are working on short term design and later phases
  2. This year
    • Location of initial bed has been laid out
    • Bed directions and shapes will probably be decided when we're out there working on them
    • Will need to decide on quantities of items to plant and where they will go
    • Decide how much space to leave for fall crops
  3. Long term decisions - can decide these later in the year
    • Phases for adding new beds and planting perennials
    • Structures - shed, meeting place, rain barrels, etc.
    • Crop rotation

Additional To Do ItemsEdit

  1. Sammy - setup Skype phone number so people can contact us for more information
  2. Chris - setup simple URL for our wiki or consider creating informational web page. Also, create an email account so people can contact us for more information
  3. Peter - find out about getting leaves delivered to site from Carrboro Town Works
  4. Sammy - in charge of getting gutters added to shed so that rain water can be collected and setting up rain barrel
  5. Jay - find out where to get materials for fencing and price

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