Some of the classes have been made special by contribution of certain special helpers who had volunteered to help the cause be furthered in their own way.

There was a day when one of fellow student, Ramanan brought in fresh juicy strawberries much to the delight of the student. The students relished these strawberries to the fullest and had their mouths all red.There have also been many such days when we distributed bananas among them.

One of such special class helpers happened to be Mansi Navlakha who brought Rubik’s Cubes for all the children. The children were immediately intrigued and fascinated and they were even given a demonstration of how the Rubik’s cubes should be solved. The entire class that day was seen playing with the Rubik’s Cube.

On another occasion, to the joy of the children, Tanmay had brought Kit-Kats for them. Similarly, Manish had also distributed Kit-Kats among these children on his birthday. Even though they did have chocolates everyday, these were the true days when they savoured the chocolates the most.

And of course, who can forget those gifts from the people who were a part of Art of Living. It consisted of a number of things like crayons, sketch pens, scale, pencil, sharpener, ball etc. Those gifts immediately brought smiles to the faces of those kids and every child just loved the gift which they received. They in return, thanked those students for having given them those gifts (By this time they had developed the habit of saying ‘Thanku’ whenever anyone gave them something.).

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