Colorado Senator Chris Romer has suggested requiring a fee for skiers who drive the I-70 highway during weekend rush hours, slowing ski traffic and through traffic alike to a crawl. Skiers have naturally objected to a fee, but the problem is a real one that needs a solution.

Senator Romer invites the Denver community to the official "Fix I-70 Now" forums to brainstorm ideas on how to address the issue, with the best suggestions to be incorporated into future legislation.

"We need immediate action to fix this important commercial highway. I have already set up a public forum to compile feedback about how to fix I-70 and I want to let you know how to access it. Please go to to see the forum. If you would like, you can log in to post your comments. I will use comments on this site as I draft a bill aimed at immediate relief for I-70. I will introduce the bill some time in late March. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. I believe that, with your help, we can pioneer an immediate and collaborative solution to fix I-70 now."

How would you solve the congestion on I-70?Edit

  • Remove the electronic information boards that are posted every few miles. Ever noticed that traffic is running smoothly until a few miles before the sign, congests and then starts flowing again once you pass the sign. People seem to tap their breaks when passing and that turns into stop and go and few miles behind.
  • Senator Romer has the right principle - people who ski and use I-70 more than their fellow citizens have no right to expect such subsidization. (I'm an avid skier and use I-70 as much or more than most anyone) But of course this brings up the can of worms none of our political leaders have the honesty or guts to address head on: the morality of taking from one group or all groups and giving to a select group. No one wants to deal with the morality of altruism and consequent political manifestation of socialism or admit the destruction and cannibalism it encourages.

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