The first lecture, though fruitful, did not complete our main aim. Hence, we decided to have another lecture when Dr. Sanjay Shah Sir could educate every parent with health-care aspects.

We asked Doctor Sir for a convenient day when he could conduct the lecture. After the day was fixed, appropriate preparations were carried out so that all the required materials could be obtained which were to be distributed among the parents.

In the lecture, Doctor Sir covered a lot of issues like how to brush, how lice are harmful to our hair, how to remove them and importance of vaccination like tetanus. He also demonstrated certain first-aid tips (how to heal cuts and burns and how to use a bandage) and explained how to handle emergency situations which they may face (like how to treat a person who has fallen from a height or one who is unconscious).

The Guest lecture was followed by airing of 2 videos about Nirvana ('The Beginning' and 'The Journey continues') which they enjoyed a lot. New books were then distributed among children which they could use to practice in vacation time. Also a group photo (consisting of each family with the Nirvana team) was distributed to respective families. We then gave each family a good quality nail cutter. Dr. Sanjay Shah along with one of his colleague and a contractor funded the nail cutters.

The main hallmark of this event was that it was entirely organized by juniors. After introducing them to the families in the 1st guest lecture, we wanted to take a step back and allow them to take the charge. Kudos to all who had organized it! Keep it up!

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