The Orange County GHG Inventory and Forecast is an inventory and action plan effort conducted by ICLEI Energy Services of Toronto. Orange County, Chapel Hill, and Carrboro (in conjunction with the Town of Hillsborough). The recently completed document includes an inventory of local greenhouse gas emissions, identification of some reduction measures and a suggested action plan. Follow up steps to this report are currently unknown.

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GHG Reduction TargetsEdit


The minimum safe level of CO2 in the atmosphere is 350 parts per billion. As of 2007 we are at 385 parts per billion.


The issue of climate change is a global issue that requires action on all scales of the political spectrum. Fortunately, with the Orange County GHG Inventory and Forecast document, Orange county and the towns within have taken the first step toward resolving this issue in a comprehensive fashion. Though the document's recommendations fall far short of what is needed in reality, the document is valuable as it serves as the springboard from which to begin the process of ammending the local goal to reflect

  1. what is actually needed as described by scientists and
  2. a share of the burden that is socially just in relation to the rest of the world

toward desperately needed immediate action.


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