Old CGCG Announcements is where you can find the history of Casa Grande Community Garden (Carrboro Greenspace Community Garden).

Sat. Mar 18, 2006 Lizzy, Monica, Sammy and Michal we went for a bike ride with a Carrboro map and identified potential alternative Comm. garden sites. We made notes on the map. we hope to share the information that we have gatehered during a potluck dinner at 7 p.m. on Wendsday, March 22. All who are interested are invited ... of course!

Th. Mar 16, 2006 Lizzy, Peter, Sammy and Boupu met at the gate to realize that nobody had a code to access. Instead of making use of peters truck for the planned pick-up of more manure, we went to the Carrboro town hall and talked to a city planner on how to get maps because our attempt at going to the count land records GIS map were foiled by the system which was down. We found out that there is a lady who can help with gathering info on vacant lots and town owned lots. Also suggestion to use tax codes as means of identifying such lots.

Sat. Mar 11: Tilled a triangular area, put down two pick-up loads of very fresh manure and layered over some leaves. Mark Chilton was dropping off some bikes and we picked his brain on having Carrboro designate a public piece of land for this purpose. He seemed receptive and told us that we should go to one of the municipal meeting held every tuesdays except for fifth tuesdays. Encouraged us to bring our knowledges because there is no expertly opinion on the council.

Wend. Mar 8: Not so great news. Dave Delvechio came out with his Solar measurement device and has confirmed his informed suspicion that our space receives very little sunlight during the summer: 4 hours of direct sunlight.

Tues Mar 7: Great News! Chris finally got the leaf mulch delivery at the ReCyclery (Two crates, and A LOT of mulch)! He also talked to Durham SEEDS and they have a bunch of extra seeds they can give us for free! Yay!

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