The OCDP Newsletter is one of many Projects that the Operations Committee works on. This is the wiki mirror to the official html democrat site.

Summer NewsletterEdit

The Summer Newsletter has been mailed out as of July 10, 2005.

Current StatusEdit

Updating Mailing ListEdit

  • As returned newsletters arrive, the Voter Database is updated with change of address, corrected address, or deceased.

Mailing to National Orange County donor constituentsEdit

  • Donors from the national donors list who live within North Carolina are also sent newsletters
  • These donors are flagged in the Voter database as 'donors'

Newsletter ProcedureEdit


Receives the newsletter:Edit


The newsletter is mailed to voter database democrat constituents who are marked as donors, volunteers, or leadership. Newsletters are also mailed to Orange county constituents who have donated on a national level.

Precinct DistributionEdit

Precincts are given newsletters for distribution by canvassing. Precinct representatives have picked newsletters up at county events such as the county convention.

Public Space DistributionEdit

There are plans for using newspaper boxes placed strategically throughout town.

Delivers the Newsletter:Edit


For the past three newletters an attempt has been made in rotating the adressing and folding of newletters by precincts. This has worked somewhat succesfully but has not yet been established by precincts as an action that they share responsibility in carrying out.


The newsletter is made quarterly:




Summer: around July 3rd


The newsletter serves as a communication and fundraising tool. Every mailed newsletter includes a donation/poll envelope.


The newletter includes information of interest for Orange County Democratic Party Constituents. When the newletter is near the time of an election a voter guide is included as an insert. For newsletters to be mailed, donation envelopes and century club member acknowledgement notices are also included as inserts.



1. The Newsletter is created by Alan Dehmer quarterly (Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer)

2. The Newsletter and printed inserts are sent to Triangle Web Printing. Nine thousand copies are printed. 3,000 inserts are include within the paper by Triangle Web Printing for newsletters that will be mailed. +/- 2,000 newsletters are mailed.

3. e-mailed newsletters are sent out.

4. Newsletter Mailing party. Two thousand copies are for mailing.

5. Seven thousand newsletters are for distribution by precincts.

6. Remaining newletters are for public distribution

7. Returned newletters are used to update the voter database and/or the PTO

8. Survey from donor envelope is tallied and recorded.

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