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Main Vegetable FamiliesEdit

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Nitrogen FixersEdit

3. The Pea Family (Legumes), which includes beans, peas, clovers, and vetch, actually add nitrogen to the soil, especially if turned under into the soil at the end of the growing season. These plants gather nitrogen from the air and “fix” it on root nodules. The Pea family can be rotated with any other plant family .



  • Mustard Family and Cabbage Family (Cruciferae): which includes broccoli, radishes, brussels sprouts, cabbage, turnips, cauliflower and kale. These are Heavy Feeders and grow best in soil with lots of organic matter. If possible, plant where members of the pea family had been planted.

Spinach is in the family Chenopodiaceae

greens, brassicas, cukes, squash, corn

Soil Builders and CleanersEdit



4. The Grass Family, which includes corn, wheats, oats, rye and alfalfa, improves soil especially if turned under at the end of the growing season. Plant before gourds or nightshades.

Corn is in the family Gramineae


Provide source of Potasium

2. The Gourd Family or Melon Family (Cucurbitaceae): which includes melons, cucumbers, pumpkins and squash, are also Heavy Feeders and require plenty of organic matter for proper growth. You might precede these with grass family and follow with pea family. 6. The Nightshade Family, which includes tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, and peppers, are heavy feeders. They need soil with lots of organic matter. The nightshade family should be preceded with the Grass family followed with pea family.


Carrot Family (Umbelliferae Family):includes parsley, celery, carrots, dill, and coriander (cilantro), are moderate feeders. Precede with any other plant family and follow with pea family plants.

Lily Family: includes onions, garlic, leeks, and chives, cannot be planted in soil that has large quantities of organic matter (such as green manure) that have not yet decomposed. These can be rotated with the pea family.

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