Minutes to Carrboro Greenspace, Minutes March 13, 2011

Agenda Items

  • visioning
    1. calaboration and/or merger of WCHA and Carrboro Greenspace
    2. Community co-housing as a neighborhood hub
      • Co-housing as viable example and physical space for community projects
      • Co-housing as infrastructure for the community
      • Possible grant proposal for resourcing external support
    3. importance of daily rituals, community, and family involvement
    4. Co-housing as model for community engagement
    5. Alternative transportation eg. peddy cabs, possible hitchhiking project signage or bulletin boards
    6. "Greenspace" reiterating the importance of physical space to the vision of CG
    7. Inviting more CG involvement by intentional and co-housing spaces already established in Carrboro
    8. Greenspace as a means of facilitating more involvement and empowerment of poor and minority sections of the community
    9. Developing a toolkit of practices or skills for increasing sustainability
  • projects
    1. Town commons infrastucture for gatherings and events
    2. Cooperative buying of necessities such as food
      • Andrea, Mihal, James, Lydia
    3. Website content as a resource sharing skills or successful examples
      • Andrea will train those interested
    4. how to PDF guides
      • Will follow successful projects and be based on notes taken
    5. movie showing
      • James, Andrea, peter, Sammy, Andee
      • Manufactured landscapes, The story of stuff, Dirt
    6. Project evaluation
    7. Hitchhiking "Toeheel"
      • Lydia, andee (lamination of signage)
    8. Urban Farm Tour
      • Sammy, Lydia, Peter, Andrea, Mihal
    9. Workshop series
      • Rob, Mihal, Andrea, Andi
    10. Farmer Appreciation Table
    11. Tax Breaks for urban food production for property owners
    12. Discussion groups to prioritize projects and evaluate their success or failure
    13. Reclaimation of wilodlife habitat and extention of corridors highlight examples of guerilla gardening
  • goals
    • meetings with coops and/or dinner party to gather people and discuss projects
    • WCHA board members going to report discussions per CG callaboration

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