RePowering NC

Needing to convey: big question is what is the what:

  1. What is NC WARN and why does it want to do grassroots organizing.
    1. With all the approaches we have taken we are still losing. Reason we are losing is we have lost our connection to people. What is essential in an urgent situation (1. urgent because of climate peak oil, economy and 2. we are not going to pass anything in this legislature, or in this congress,weren't able to do it even when were represented).
    2. Only will have the power when strong on the ground. build starting where people are and with what matters to them.. Why the process and why community is important. Disconnect between policy and people and people and policy.
  2. The What.
    1. Where we want to start. We see that electricity because of health, savings, economy, climate.
    2. Has to be statewide but has to start some place. We are hoping that this process can start in Chatham. Can build the set of relationships that support each other. Start where people live.
    3. Start where people are, don't go to next step until have started where they are. Lay out and get buy in. Is this for you, everyone answer individually.

Each meeting 20-25 minute question that answers question the group comes up with. Look for diversity in who answers the question, have group answer.

Concrete product to work on. Questions, ideas, and work on project that is easy doable and satsfies most of the people. Come up with ten things prioritize and then work on. Community, training and action; we are building towards these. Viison and community will hold people to want to come back. Realtionships.

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