Since Korea has been divided by the Sovet Union and the U.S., both countries South and North Korea work for their reunification. South Korea's doctrine is the Sunshine Policy, which emphasizes peaceful cooperation with a short-term reconciliation as a prelude to eventual Korean reunification. South Korea's Hyundai Asan(arm of the South Korean Hyundai Group) played a major role in pioneering commercial links with the North. In 2000, Kim Dae-Jung, the president of South Korea who provided the doctrine in 1998, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize as a result of the Sunshine Policy.

Current ProgressEdit

In the year 2000, South and North Korea agreed on linking the no-man area between these countries with railway lines. Since the completing on June, 13 2003, these new Kyongi and Donghae Line improve freight transportation between Seoul and Shinuiju on the Chinese border both by the South- and the North-Korean railway systems.

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