The original Kinsale Energy Descent Action Plan by Rob Hopkins can be found at Kinsale Energy Descent Action Plan. The Kinsale Energy Descent Action Plan is one community's attempt at designing a prosperous way down from the peak.

As described by Rob Hopkins, the editor of the Kinsale plan:

"Each section follows the same format. It begins with a brief look at the current situation in Kinsale with regards to the subject in question. This attempts to summarise the issues involved in a way which is both succinct and relevant. This is then followed by the Vision. This is our idea of how Kinsale could be in 2021, if the steps suggested have been taken. This aims to give you an idea of the potential result of the recommendations, and how it could actually be a step forward from where we are now rather than a retreat.

Then come the actual recommendations. These are laid out in chronological order, from the present day until 2021. The proposals are practical and realistic, and where their implementation involves the input of a particular body this is included. The proposals are laid out in a clear and easy-to-read format so that they are easy to follow. Each area is then concluded by a section of resources, places you can find out more about some of the ideas that have been discussed. These include books, websites, organisations and so on. Please do follow up any areas that interest you, you never know where they might lead!

This report is not intended to be comprehensive, please view it is a first draft being put out into the community for consultation. It is not the work of professionals. It may occasionally be guilty of naivety, being misinformed or overly optimistic, but it is our attempt at starting this process rolling. You can look upon it as being the first step in a long process, offered to you warts’n’all for discussion, rather than a comprehensive document. It will be used as the basis for next year’s students to revise and add their own updates to, based on further and deeper community consultation. If you have any thoughts or views on what you have read, you can either write to the college, or post your thoughts on our website, There you will find a bulletin board where you can post your views, and these will be taken into consideration when we revise it next year. We hope that you will enjoy this document and that it may lead to the change to which it aspires."

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