The Further Living Resource Guide is being compiled to capture what Urban Farming resources are available in the greater Carrboro and Chapel Hill area. This initiative was begun as part of the Urban Farm Tour Zine of 2009.

This document is not comprehensive and needs community input to gain better accuracy. Please visit this wiki and update with what you know.

Green BusinessesEdit

  • Abanitu Organics <>
  • Bountiful Backyards <>
  • Cure Nursery <>
  • The Gardener's Kitchen <>
  • Grassroots Press <>
  • Niche Gardens (beneficial perennials and medicinal plants) <>
  • Useful Plants Nursery <>
  • Will's Wild Herbs <>

Community Resources and AgenciesEdit

  • Bull City Headquarters <>
  • Carrboro Greenspace <>
  • Clean Water for NC <>
  • Durham Bike Co-Op <>
  • El Kilombo <>
  • Good Work <>
  • Land in Common <>
  • NC Botanical Garden <>
  • Recyclery <>

Community GardensEdit


  • CCGC <>
  • OCPYC <>

Chapel HillEdit

  • Carolina Garden Coop <>
  • Northside <>


  • Community Wholeness Venture
  • Feed My Sheep Community Garden
  • Seeds <>
  • W.D. Hill Community Center Garden



Local farmers do bulk order of feathermeal in january.


  • Make your own by tapping into the municipal waste stream
    • Leaf Mulch
    • Coffee grounds
    • Brewery Hops
    • 'You Sweep' Loose Straw that falls from the bales (Southern States, etc..)
  • Worm Bins for Vermicompost
  • Soldier Fly Farming = Free Protein Rich Snacks for Chickens

or learn to grow your own so that when the rest of the community has wisened up and valued waste you'll be a step ahead

Also check out:

  • Author John Jeavons carbon crops
  • Compost toilets and Humanure


  • Start a local seed swap
  • Southern Exposure Seed Exchange


  • Carrboro Public Works, Pick up for free during weekdays from 9-4.
  • Chapel Hill Public Dump, Pick up mulch for $

Rain GardensEdit

  • Bountiful Backyards <>
  • NC Cooperative Extension <>

Piedmont Planting GuideEdit

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