After the vaccination drive, a thought sprung in one’s mind to involve the parents of the students of our school and teach them how to deal with the health-related issues. Hence, we realized the need to inculcate in the minds of the parents the basic health-care issues. So, we decided to approach to Dr. Sanjay Shah Sir to conduct a lecture on health-care. He asked what all was required to be included in the presentation and at the same time, suggested that we talk to G. J. Joshi Sir who could conduct a presentation on the same day which could cover all issues which were not related to health.

Next day morning, Doctor Sir confirmed that he would come. Later, the same day, we spoke to Joshi Sir if he would be ready to give a lecture and presentation. He asked for a small list of topics and wanted us to give inputs to him for the presentation. Hence, with continual discussions, the topics as well as the date and the venue were finalised. We then approached various families and asked them to come to staff club at 7:30 P.M.

But on 19th April, due to certain emergency, Doctor Sir could not turn up and hence, we requested Dr. J. A. Desai Sir and Manisha Chauhan Madam to conduct small seminar bringing in new perspectives in the lives of these workers. Desai Sir and Manisha Ma’am agreed readily. We had also prepared a small presentation according to Joshi Sir's requirement.

We also brought in various families who hadn’t turned up in staff club at the right time. Then, as the seminar began, things began to proceed more smoothly. Desai Sir, in his ever-usual calm and stolid voice, explained the spiritual aspects of their work and life in general and described the way in which ‘pranayam’ was done and the number of benefits which they could reap. Joshi Sir, in his own clear and crisp voice, spoke about the transformation that education can bring in the lives of a human. He spoke about a wide range of topics like family planning, hygiene, values and manners, how should the children be treated and things pertinent to day-to-day activities like MRP for a product and so on. Manisha Ma’am elaborated on the role of a woman in a family quoting various illustrations.

The event was concluded with the first interaction of all the parents with the juniors who would be continuing Nirvana for the year to come. Chocolates and bananas were distributed to everyone who had come to the lecture. We do hope that the message which we wished to propagate was driven home by the guest lecture.

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