Chatham Citizens for Effective Communities (CCEC) is a grass roots citizen action group initiated in 2003 by four neighbors concerned with a proposed large residential/commercial development known as Briar Chapel. Soon others joined the cause, and CCEC was born.

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What does CCEC do?

CCEC seeks to empower citizens to enhance Chatham’s future. This is accomplished in a variety of ways:

  • CCEC fosters communication between citizens and their government, and provides information pertinent to issues affecting the well being of the county.
  • CCEC provides opportunities for citizens and governing officials and staffs to learn how to better manage residential/commercial development through the practice of “Smart Growth” principles, and to become more effective citizens.
  • CCEC advocates on behalf of the citizens of the entire county on issues that threaten to impact the well being of the county.
  • CCEC collaborates with other citizen action groups to monitor all issues that come before county government, and coordinate efforts to speak on behalf of the citizens.


We will continue to encourage citizens to enhance Chatham's future by:

  • Continued monitoring of development activity in the County
  • Expansion of inclusiveness, diversity, east-west connection in all we do
  • Support for sustainable agriculture and conservation of farm land
  • Support of sound economic development
  • Monitoring of solid waste, landfill, water, stream, environmental issues
  • Expansion of our volunteer base in order to cover the town governments
  • Activation of CITIZENS COLLEGE, a civic educational program in 2006
  • Continuation of alerts and bulletins on critical issues

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