The purpose of the Center for Ecozoic Studies (CES) is to contribute through education, research and the arts to the realization of the Ecozoic Era. CES emphasizes critical reflection, story and shared dream experience as ways of enabling the creative advance needed to bring into being a new mode of human civilizational presence, and also discerning the practical steps leading toward the Ecozoic. CES is dedicated to the principle that we live in a meaningful, continuously evolving universe. In such a universe, the Ecozoic Era is a process concept—not something to be arrived at, but rather something ever to be created. Its hallmarks are inclusiveness, interdependence, and appreciation; communion, differentiation, and subjectivity; and sensitivity, adaptability, and responsibility. It crucially involves more just and cooperative relationships among humans, as well as transformed relationships of humans with the larger natural world.

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  • To provide education concerning the “Ecozoic Era” and how it may be realized through the “Great Work”
  • To assist in the sharing of stories, dream experiences, and artistic visions concerning the Ecozoic
  • To encourage and support thought, artistic expression, and research (both theoretical and applied) concerning the Ecozoic Era and the Great Work
  • To provide resources for individuals and groups to support their journeys toward the Ecozoic

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