Transportation ideas developed by Carrboro Powerdown for Carrboro, North Carolina as it copes with energy descent.

Public TransportationEdit

  • more and smaller vehicles running in town with larger feeders from outlying areas.
  • study places like DC or NYC.
  • charge for buses to help pay for itself, take that money and put it into energy efficiency measures and rebates.
  • shift away from infrastructure oriented solutions. New infrastructure is a priority, of course, but I'd like to see short term, visible, and inexpensive solutions that can build momentum - the "Curritiba" approach.
  • Develop a public transportation system that is accessible to everyone, connects with other local systems, and is convenient
  • A plan to get county officials to trade in their government-issued sport-utility vehicles?


  • wide outer lanes, no bike lanes,
  • equal rights and responsibilities for all.
  • bike lanes are needed to stimulate urban cycling - as a form of marketing and promotion. [Per Tom Ed White]
  • A connection between Umstead and Carrboro.
  • Redesign of East Franklin to accomodate bicyclists. One solution would be to repaint it into two wide outer lanes and a center turn lane.
  • Longer-term need some form of electric transportation or alternative powered

"Catenary" type of system Electric buses or trolleys

  • Local strategic petroleum reserve at old airport tanks
  • Purchase bigger tanks (and store somewhere other than a flood plain)
  • Plug-in hybrid fleets charged at night

Will go into full production for several manufacturers Congress looking at more substantial tax credits Off-peak charging gets support from electric utilities

Ideas to Develop furtherEdit

  • Working 4-10s

Encourage working 4-10’s where feasible

  • telecommuting where feasible
  • Turn off vehicles, do not leave them idling.

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