Food ideas developed by Carrboro Powerdown to develop local initiatives for powering down.

Seattle Food Action IniativeEdit

Develop a City of Seattle Food Policy Action Plan which would identify policies, programs and opportunities to promote local food system sustainability and security.

Strengthen Farmers MarketsEdit

Strengthen local farmer’s markets and market gardens by finding them permanent locations for existing farmer’s markets.

Community GardensEdit

See: Carrboro Community Gardening Coalition

  • Identify additional locations and infrastructure for community gardens that would strengthen our community garden program and maximize accessibility to all neighborhoods and communities.
  • Encourage community gardens and streamline the approval process for them

Local Food Support ProgramsEdit

Regional CoordinationEdit

Form a Regional Food Policy Council that can assist the City and the County in the long run with developing policies that contribute to our goals.

See: Abundance Foundation

Update Town Code/lawEdit

  • Allow chickens (hens) to be kept within the city limits
  • Ban homeowners covenants that do not allow gardens or chickens (similar to the ban on covenants preventing the use of solar panels)
  • Require a specified percentage of locally produced foods for all city events that involve food

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