Carrboro Powerdown Economic Development has been generated by members of Carrboro Powerdown for helping Carrboro, North Carolina cope with energy descent.

New DevelopmentsEdit

  • Require all new development projects meet standards for mixed-use, walkable communities. See: The Village Project

Local EconomyEdit

  • Promote the “local” economy by encouraging local ownership, import substitution, and entrepreneurship (see Business Alliance for Local Living Economies or BALLE) (Let’s not export our wealth, let’s keep it at home)
  • See also: Carrboro Local Living Economies Task Force


Support development of curricula at local community colleges for gardening/agriculture and green collar jobs

Green JobsEdit

Create energy conservation and renewable energy initiatives

PV Manufacturing PlantEdit

  • Build a photovoltaic thin-film manufacturing plant in town. Considering the rising costs of energy with the onset of peak oil – this will be a strategic investment. (Get UNC on board with this – those buildings use a lot of energy.)
  • Revolving loan energy fund
    • Float a bond
    • Energy commission to manage it

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