Carrboro Community Gardening Coalition has regular workdays on Saturdays. Opportunities exist during weekdays to help in the garden. A weekday workday is possible contingent on gardeners' energy.

Currently available tasks during the weekEdit

Weekday GardeningEdit

Interest has been expressed by various garden members of having a workday during the week. The process of arriving at how this might happen can develop through conversation in the listserve, development through the wiki and an eventual meeting?

Gardeners interested in having a week-day workdayEdit

Please list your name and any other information that may be useful. (i.e. reason you would rather garden during a week-day, alternative to 'workday,' etc..)

  • Mary Bates.
    • Bus does not run all the way to the garden during the week-end.

Elizabeth Roberts

  • Out of town many weekends, would like to participate more during the week

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