Carrboro Community Gardening Coalition CCGC Water Catchment Minutes 9/4/07

9/4/07 7:30 p.m. Open Eye Cafe In Atendance: Mathew Arnesberger, Jagmeet Mac, Eric Allman, Fitita Slade, Sammy Slade

Purpose: Meeting to discuss plans for the water catchment system off of the shed roofs at MLK park.

  • We discussed gravity system as posted on the wiki.

  • We considered a solar powered pump system but prefered the gravity system because:
    • Serves as another educational technology for the community (solar pump will already be an example with the well)
    • Less parts that can go wrong
  • We discussed a few versions of the gravity system using horizontal rain barrels.
  1. Barrels placed in 'train' formation.
  2. Barrels placed in perpendicular to 'train formation.
  3. Alternative cistern to barrels, Eric had found cubes on craig's list for 100$ each.
  4. question of whether to have the systems underneath each gutter vs. along side of shed from one side's gutter to other side's gutter.
  • we decided simplest is best and chose train formation along side of shed from one side's gutter to other side's gutter with possibility of using cubes instead of barrels contingent on viability and availability of cubes that Eric has found.
  • Mathew has 2 x 6 pressure treated boards that were salvaged from a deck, some of which he is willing to donate for this project. Thanks Mathew!!
  • Discussed details of overflow, filtration chamber, access to interiors, sealing, valve's to use, interconnectivity, and enough pressure to get to the garden.
  • Concluded that more research has to be done to find out about compliance with town building codes, zoning, engineering (weight of barrels and support structure), and mitigating any other town concern that there may be to include in final presentation to Parks and Rec for approval before execution.
  • Also we are cognizant of timing strategically so as not to hamper progress that is being achieved with implementation of well system re:town skittishness.
  • In interim we will seek to place remainder of gutters on sheds before next rain with a barrel on each shed side and under lowest gutter end. Approval by Parks and rec of this.
  • Research to continue on gravity design.
  • Eric and Sammy to approach , zoning and inspections to see about compliance of structure with town requirements.
  • Eric and Sammy to approach Parks and Rec for approval of interim solution ideally in time enough to implement before next rain.

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