Below is the Carrboro Community Gardening Coalition's Vision.

The vision describes our desirable future. It refers to or includes our norms and values. It provides guiding principles for the CCGC Mission Statement.


to show that community gardens can be fun, beautiful, abundant, and realistic on basic community levels, with minimal input, self reliant, and sustainable.

for the community, by the community.

self/community empowerment.

to create positive change.

to create a space for the community to heal itself/our selves.

to create a sacred space for members of all walks of life (skin color,economic background, education, language, etc..) to share in the abundance of nature, to share a common goal/common ground, and to be equalized/humanized/humbled/inspired by the co-creation process and magic inherent in gardening.

to share skills.

to learn how to work together.

to pull from the abundant resources that our community possesses.

to grow food.

to grow community.

to grow spiritually.

to change to world.

to connect with the natural cycles.

to eat locally.

to reduce our dependence upon fragile corporate food systems.

to provide for ourselves.

to provide for others.

to create beauty.

to inspire others.

to welcome anyone.

to play.

to teach and learn from children.

to get our hands dirty.

to be physically active.

to show the world that there are solutions.

to further carrboro/chapel hill's commitment to progressive ideals.

to put our sweat equity where our mouths are.(pun and no pun intended)

to rise from and respond to the community's shifting needs as time, energy, and needs change. (to be able to "move like a cat!")

to create hope.

--jay hamm

  • * *


model community garden

forest/woodlands garden area "edible landscaping"

playfields area

neighborhood support

community neighborhood garden

greater integrated design ~ permaculture-landscape

enhance wetlands / possible ponds areas

wind power / solar power areas


greenspace and trails connections to the greater scale carrboro

animal / vegetable gardens

think neighborhood / think pedestrian

new community commons / public space

community composting space

publicity - open process

allies / greater network

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