The Carrboro Community Gardening Coalition's Queenbee, also known as workday coordinator, is responsible for being the first person at the garden on Saturday, greeting newcomers, and coordinating all workday activities. Also works together with waterer and garden volunteers to set a plan for the week. Open to anyone who is interested and has the energy to do this. Queenbee should not be put off by an idea of not being qualified; a main role of the queenbee is to facilitate knowledges that garden participants bring to the garden.

The rotating Queenbee role assures that the garden is run and controlled by all the gardeners. This role encourages the sense of ownership of the garden by all of the gardeners.

Queenbee role rotates on a bi-monthly basis.

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Queen Bee ResponsibilitiesEdit

  • Find out what the garden's needs and priorities are for the days that you will be queenbee.
    • Resources for knowing what needs doing:
      • Owls (If you do not know what needs to be done in the garden contact one of the owls the week prior)
        • Sammy 951-5200 /
    • Garden Plan (Coming soon)
    • Garden log book
    • Previous queenbee
    • Other gardeners
    • Your own observations
    • Resource media
  • In the morning and when the workday is over update the chalkboard list of tasks for the workday (and the week) so that gardeners know what needs doing. .
  • Arrive at the garden prior to public garden hours
  • Plan to stay until at least the end of public garden hours

(Warm Hours: 9 – 12; Cold Hours 11 -2)

  • Unlock shed and bring wheelbarrow/ tools to garden Combination is 4637
  • Lay out harvest blanket in shaded area
  • Place sign-in sheet at garden entrance (make sure to get all gardeners to sign-in)
  • Forward to Sammy Slade newcomer e-mails after each workday
  • Greet all gardeners as they enter the garden, welcoming them and making them feel at home.
  • Have all new gardeners sign “member agreement” and make them aware of garden.
  • Make all new gardeners aware of current garden ettiqutte document (To be posted on kiosk).
  • Unlock water; if needed ( 0 – 26 – 10 ?) Combination can also be found scribed under the cistern on the outlet side. Get on your knees and look under!
  • Coordinate workday activities
  • Facilitate knowledge that all gardeners bring to the garden
  • Send an e-mail to the listserve about any infrastrucutre problems observed that may need attention (i.e. leaking cisterns, vandalized well-house, etc..)
  • Record all garden activities in garden log
  • Send out garden workday summary through the listserve


  • How to communicate with queenbee:
    • with queenbee in e-mail
    • meeting in the morning
  • Sign at entrance of garden.
  • weekly report

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