In attendance: Lianne Salgado, Carolynn Carson, Sammy Slade, Cindy Shea, Tom Ed White


  • Fruit Trees
  • Fall Planting
  • Kiosk Update

Fruit TreesEdit

  • Discussed issues as raised by members at large of the community garden (Bill Bracey, Eric Allman, Mathew Arnsberger).
  • Decided to accept fruit trees for planting in September ASAP from Bountiful Backyards.
  • Decided to work on timeline to satisfy town requests and aiming to get plants into the ground in September (In time for the Urban Farm Tour Sept. 12 and a week later for a workshop/fundraiser)

Fundraiser ideasEdit

  • Goal <2,000$
  • Send fundraising letter out to CCGC listserve
  • Mural on cistern (Donors above a certain amount get names painted on)
  • Weave/Johnnies fundraiser (Vimala?)
  • PSA's WCOM, Carrboro Citizen, Carrboro Free Press
  • Planting Workshop led by Bountiful Backyards Sunday, September 20
  • Vimala


July 19th (Week of)Edit

  • Receive trees from Bountiful Backyards
  • Assure watering signups happens by identifying gardner willing to take on the role of 'garden camel'
  • CCGC Fundraising letter goes out

August 7thEdit

Finalized developed layout w/ trees to plant acquired from BB (CCGC members/BB)

August 9thEdit

Email the town the proposal one month prior to the proposed planting (Fence expansion) date

August 15 (workday)Edit

  • As a garden task create fundraising climbing beanstalk out of wood. Showing how much raised so far and how much to go (thermometer).

Week of August 16Edit

Set up another meeting to discuss implementation at least two weeks prior to the proposed planting date

Week of August 23Edit

  • Purchase/pickup fencing and posts for expansion
  • Dumpster dive for lots of cardboard
  • Truck runs for mulch

Sept. 5 (Workday)Edit

Expand fence area

Week of September 5Edit

  • Purchase/pickup 10 yards of topsoil and 6 yards of compost
    • Default source: Bountiful Backyards.
    • Cost: approximately 600$).

September 12 (Workday/Urban Farm Tour)Edit

Plant some of the trees as part of Urban Farm Tour scheduled event

Sunday, September 19Edit

Bountiful Backyards workshop/fundraiser and more planting

Fall PlantingEdit

Lianne will work on excell sheet with timeline for fall planting by getting ques from both:


OCPYC has hired carpenter and project will be done pending mill getting cedar supplied. Currently on waitlist.

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