By-Laws & Board of Directors Edit

  • Concerned about members being personally liable if the garden is sued
  • Also would like to maintain a horizontal organization of equals instead of a hierarchy (President, VP, etc.)
  • Given that we're part of an established non-profit (IBooks) do we need our own by-laws?
  • Natalie will be speaking with a lawyer from UNC about resources for this process

Wish List for Carrboro Board of Alderman and Parks & Recs Edit

  • Core Items
    • bathroom
    • Bike rack
    • Current shed will be going away, but we'll need space to store tools
    • Picnic tables
    • Water storage
      • catchments on buildings
      • Pond
  • Nice to have items
    • Perennial fruit trees and bushes
    • Chickens
    • Consider not having a ball field and keep open space
      • reduce carbon footprint
      • more space for pond, wild life, etc.
  • Farm Tour - will notify them that we intend to be a part of the farm tour next spring

Tools Needed Edit

  • Pitch forks (2-3)
  • Potato forks (2)
  • Round shovels(3)
  • Square shovel(1)
  • Rakes - Hard style(3)
  • Scuffle hoes (2)
  • Fence stakes (T-Posts) (20)
  • Rigid fencing for trellising (Chris researching)
  • Pruners(5)
  • Scissors(8)
  • Hose(?)
  • "Ground Hogs" (2)

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