Where - Looking Glass Cafe 8-9pm

Present - Justin, Liane, Lynda-Marie, Matthew


1. Spring/Summer planting - what we want to get in the ground. Justin will inventory seeds and decide what we need to buy based on what we already have. We discussed possible ways to get starts donated (tomatoes and peppers)

2. Compost Bin - We did not get too far on this and are hoping to touch base with Bob about the status.

3. New recruits - Justin will send out an email to the CCGC list serve encouraging those who have not been to the garden in a while, but on the list serve to come out.

  • Liane will get in touch with local radio station to get the word out
  • Lynda-Marie will use farmer's market contact to see about possibly setting up a both for a morning
  • Lynda-Marie will look into using Carrboro Day as a forum
  • We decided that if we are going to start advertising CCGC that we need to get back into having Queen Bee's for organization and greeting newcomers

4. The asparagus situation - Can we harvest this year? Liane will research this topic

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