Farm Tour (Natalie) Edit

  • We will not be on the farm tour this year due to map limitations
  • We are guaranteed a spot on next year's tour and can use the same form
  • Consider having a farm tour committee for next year to plan details
    • Create handout/flier
    • Prepare to receive donations
    • Traffic director
    • Tour guides

Water Agreement with OCPYC (Sammy) Edit

  • Sammy met with Ellie Morris (OCPYC Garden Manager)
  • Michele wanted to divide water 50/50 regardless of # of plantings, but extension agent is ok with making it proportional based on plantings
    • Sammy will contact Mark directly to work out details then approach Michele with proposed plan
    • Michele requested that we track our hours spent and present a receipt as an in kind donation. Instead, we feel that our sweat hours should be tracked, but they will far out weigh their money invested for materials.
  • Michele requested that we keep receipts and track found/donated objects
  • WE NEED TO TRACK WELL OUTPUT - to allow for capacity planning. Add clipboard to well house and write down output each time it's drained.
  • We need to develop a system with OCPYC for using rain and well water. Will be dependent on many variables - rain, well volume, storage capacity for both gardens, number of plantings
  • Solar pump
    • Also need a common agreement for when it will be used
    • Pump used to water from well or cistern to main cistern, and to move water to plants
  • Next step is to sha proposed agreement with Ellie/Mark

General Meeting Edit

  • Natalie said her friend Carol could host the meeting anytime in March
  • We will decide on a date next week

Planting Edit

  • Need to track soil tests, amendments, plant rotation
  • Sammy created a color coded map based on last year's crops and what type of nutrients those plants used
  • Sammy also documented what Jay has in mind for plantings this year.
  • Chris will add Sammy's crop rotation document to the website
  • NEED A COMMITTEE TO DEVELOP A CROP ROTATION - maybe a 4 year rotation?

Project Groups (Eric will get volunteers this Saturday Edit

  • Secure shed door
  • Kiosk
  • Install gate for garden entrance (Jay has parts)
  • Water catchment (Sammy heading this up)
  • Well roof replacement
  • Trench for pipe between the well and the garden
  • Setup plant rotation schedule (4 years?)
  • Worm bin bench?
  • Shade area in garden space

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