CCGC Minutes 1/8/2008

Organizational structureEdit

Steering committeeEdit

  • Has been flexible up to this point, but considering asking for a commitment for a certain term to maintain continuity in meetings. Much time has been spent catching people up on previous meeting topics
  • One option is to keep attendance flexible, but ask that before meetings people read the minutes from previous meeting if they missed it
  • Need to clearly define requirements for being a part of the steering committee


  • How should we communicate w/gardeners?
  1. Have wiki, weekly report from queen bee, sign at garden of to do list and harvest
  1. Create guidelines for queen bee, calling steering committee meetings, etc.
  • Need to call a meeting to get input from gardeners – first need to define requirements for queen bee and steering committee participation

Develop project groups – Water catchment, irrigation, gate, benches, etc.Edit

Roles to fillEdit

  • Queen bee
  • Water catchment
  • Water distribution
  • Interface with OCPYC (Jay’s not sure he can continue to fill that role so someone else will need to take that over)
  • Interface with town
  • Queen Bee
  1. Decide on timeframe where we need a queen bee – mar thru oct?
  1. Need to define requirements
    1. Queen Bee doesn’t have to make all decisions or be the most experienced, but be the communicator of what needs to happen for the day
    1. Welcome new people to the garden, give a tour, and offer initial guidance
    1. First thing in the morning others can provide input for the general agenda for the day
    1. Maybe have two queen bees per day
    1. Training on use of cistern
    1. Commit to being queen bee for two weeks. During that time you either act as queen bee or find someone to cover it
    1. Bee needs to be aware of which resources are ours vs. OCPYC

Budget 2008Edit



Water catchmentEdit


Spring party for gardeners and garden donorsEdit


Wednesday 1/23 7:30 – 9:00


  1. Further define steering committee requirements (see prev. mtg notes above)
  2. Further define queen bee requirements (see prev. mtg notes above)
  3. Define which project groups are needed (see prev. mtg notes above)
  4. Further define other roles to be filled (see prev. mtg notes above)
  5. Determine time for a general gardeners meeting to get their input for the coming year and to communicate items I, II & III

Spring party for gardeners and garden donorsEdit

Budget 2008Edit

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