Carrboro Community Gardening Coalition

CCGC Minutes 1/23/08

Attended: Chris Guidry, Sammy Slade, Eric Alman, Jay Hamm, Natalie Sadler

Next Meeting: Tentatively for February 5, Tuesday

Identified Tasks in Action:

  • Set-up website-embedded google calendar to plan week by week. (Chris)
  • Water Cachement-update meeting callout (Sammy)
  • Water Cachement meeting scheduling with OCPYC (Sammy)
  • Assistence with well. Have well Committee. (Jay?)
  • Call well committee meeting. (Jay?)
  • General Gardener meeting Space search (Natalie)
  • General Gardener Meeting Time (Natalie)
  • Paypal Re-direct (Chris)
  • 'receipt' note for tax exempt donations. (Eric)
  • Fundraising ideas (Eric)
  • Update Garden Sign to include winter schedule. (sammy)
  • Kiosk construction (Jay, Eric, Eric's Dad, Chris and Sammy)

Further define steering committee requirementsEdit

See also:

How to define steering committee? In general garden meeting share steering committee invitation and describe role.

Term Options:

  • 6 months Prior to planting time February, July. <--- Consensus
  • Fall, Spring, Winter
  • bi-weekly meetings for steering committee.
    • Task: Find best time of the week for meetings.

Further define queen bee requirementsEdit


  • minutes from previous meeting
  • QueenBee

Define which project groups are neededEdit

See also:

  • Previous meeting minutes


  • Making example for larger community of how to maximize sustainability in design, energy and costs .. yet tension of how to make use of readily available resources (Grant money through OCPYC).
  • Update wiki with these if this category already exists.
  • Majority of need for water is in March.

Water Cachement UpdateEdit


Meeting for January 30 inviting larger CCGC community to share plans as developed until now and as found on the CCGC Water Harvesting.


Aiming to meet with OCPYC for February 6.

OCPYC contacts: Ellie Morris, Marc Danielly.

OCPYC has Money.


  • Camera was sent down yesterday.
  • Well People didn't think fracturing would help as it is chunky down there.
  • Marc Danielly proposition of making new hole.
    • CCGC response wait and see
  • Raising well head is requirement. $500
  • Next steps
  • Assistence with well. Have well Committee.
  • Call well committee meeting.
  • Make use of existing compiled information to proceed with plan

Securing Shed doorEdit

See about OCPYC possibility of helping with this.

Kiosk ConstructionEdit

  • Jay has some materials
    • Tin Roof
  • Wood needed.

Further define other roles to be filledEdit

Also see:

  • Previous meeting notes
  • Wiki roles defined

Determine time for a general gardeners meeting to get their input for the coming year and to communicate items I, II & IIIEdit

  • Two meetings
    • One organizational defining organization and inviting to fill committees and roles.
    • Party for gardenrs to celebrate achievements.

Combine the meetings. General meeting then potluck.

When:February or March.


Carol's place or alternatively Pacifica.



  • Paypal currently points to Internationalist and they transfer it over to us.
  • Chris will change so that points to us.
  • Eric to write 'receipt' note for tax exempt donations.

Next AgendaEdit

February 5, Tuesday:

  • Fundraising
  • Party Date
  • Further water updates
  • Tasks and Needs

Update sign at garden to include winter schedule.

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