(1) Recruit our next-door Family gardeners as children age-out there. Justin will find out their planned work day in Feb and we will ask curr Family leaders to let past and present members know about CCGC garden and we will have Eng and Sp speakers avbl that day in Feb. (2) Current member list. Lynda-Marie will contact to ask whether continued interest. There was no interest in "cleaning" the email list.

CCGC Structure Item

Harvesting for most crops should only happen on Saturday workdays to enable distribution.

  • If you work during the week, and can't make it to the Saturday then we will have a mechanism for you to let the Sat. group know so that they can keep a portion for youo
  • Idea of making the kiosk better used for transmition of information
  • hybrid designation of cluster bees rotating
  • Idea of allocating tenders of beds, especially for newcomrs to make sure bed is being taken care of and time of year for sharing information and research about things that are growing in the bed. Bob W will draft description of team concept for review.


  • Concentrating in the orchard
  • and in entrance
  • Making sure knowledge of weeds and times of cleaning beds/aving seeds


  • Potluck idea
  • open house inviting neighboring garden and neighborhoods

Managing the compost

  • Being careful with what put in, i.e. ant contamination
  • Managing the compost over time
  • Lynda Marie, laminated document fo having on the compost bin describing how to do

Soil testing

  • Doing sections of soil testing per year, using state free samples.
  • Do individual beds and check if variability, if variability then sample individula beds annually, one cluster per year.


  • Liane stepping down from treasureship, Justin taking it on
  • Questions of getting information on opportunity to move to new bank in part for better access online

Weed wacker

  • Need to connect with neighboring garden about possibility of using their weed wacker

Winter Projects see last week minutes

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