CCGC June 20th Meeting Edit

Attending: Leslie Smith, Jay Hamm, David Delvecchio, April McGreger, Sammy Slade, Eric A, Allen, Chris Guidry, Phil Blank

Nonprofit Status:

ØWe resolved to allow EAto pursue NC nonprofit status in response to the previous night's alderman's meeting instructing us to incorporate.

Last Night's Alderman Meeting: Edit

ØJH: Let's be real careful about no one ever getting sick both by discouraging the possibilities of drinking it and insuring the water is ok if someone drinks it.

ØCommunication: JH and SS are responsible for contacting Anita and Brendan and keeping them informed. They will use the small listserv to preview comments.

ØAM stressed caution and restraint in the tone of responses to the town council.

ØWe resolved to pursue the matter of "200 hours of staff time" (no one was assigned to this- JH and SS?)

=== Water:


ØAM: let's run all well modifications past Anita.

ØDD is responsible for an action plan for the well.

ØJH is responsible for: (1) Securing the Pump (2) Interim Lock to protect well safety

=== Member Agreement


ØAM will email Member Agreement to list and J. Gist for review

ØAfter a day or so, EA will take the member agreement and contact J. Gist to review.

ØIf needed, EA will then approach Anita about the member agreement.

Ø(later it was decided to consider dropping the 10 hour requirement in the agreement)

Membership, Fees, Structure:

ØNo fees for 2007 season. Fee structure will be revisited in Fall or when treasurer says we need to.

ØBenefits- tabled for later

OCPYC/CCGC Relationship:

ØSS(?) will request OCPYC to provide:

1.Description of what they want from us

2.Description of how families will participate

3.Contact info

4.Description of their plans to advertise

ØAfter we recieve this, we will address what we will do to accomplish this point by point in a written document.

Statement: Edit

ØAM will email "anchorage Ak" mission

ØJH read his eloquent mission

ØLS will take brainstorming session (below) and write a statement to be reviewed by all

  1. Food Independence/Soviergnty/local
  2. Interdependence
  3. Sustainable Gardening Promotion
  4. Empowerment/ self reliance
  5. community
  6. education/ learning/ teaching
  7. openness
  8. abundance
  9. Beauty/Sacred
  10. humanize/equalize
  11. stewardship
  12. diversity

PB will announce next meeting.

minutes compiled by PB

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