Information about plans and developments of the water at the MLK site community garden of the Carrboro Community Gardening Coalition can be found here.

CCGC @ MLK Water SourcesEdit

Developing a Master PlanEdit

Procure permanent home and permissions from the townEdit

Identify water capacity needs of the two gardens

Develop water planEdit

  • Well
  • Cisterns


  • catchment and storage system
  • solar energy system
  • pumping system
  • irrigation system

Raise money

Install new system

CCGC Watering Sign-upEdit

Some watering wisdom sent by Natalie

It is important to realize that we are "watering the soil", so that it may thrive as a "living sponge cake". We are not watering the plants. The soil in turn then "waters" the plants. Keeping the soil alive will help retain water and minimize the water consumed. The best time to water mature plants during the summer is 2 hours before sunset when the heat of the day subsides. Cloud cover can necessitate earlier watering. John Jeavons

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