Information on the Garden Design for the MLK site of the Carrboro Community Gardening Coalition can be found here. Carrboro's Master Plan Design for MLK 2011.

Active SpaceEdit


First phase criteriaEdit

This is the design criteria for the first phase of the garden. Garden may expand as participation increases by the community.

  • Raised Beds (3' wide and 10' to 15' long)
  • Wheelbarrow path between beds 2 1/2'
  • ~ 10 beds per season. (2 seasons worth of garden =20)
  • 50' x 50' area to be fenced in and worked on first season
  • Include herb beds/perennials in first year
  • Beds oriented East to West.
  • Keep in mind idea for middle secret garden meeting place.

Full Space TemplateEdit

Blank design1020
Michael sketch1021

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